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My other blog Muslim Psychologist will still have some new upcoming posts.

Links to new material are below:

“Anger Management – ‘An Islamic Approach'” Wednesday July 15th 2009

“Future Focused plus dua!” Sunday June 28th 2009

“Reflections” Friday June 26th 2009

“Special Offer…free cake anyone?” Tuesday June 23rd 2009

“This is the Time” Thursday June 11th 2009

“An Evening with Ashima” Thursday February 26th 2009

“Confidence and Self-Esteem” Monday January 5th 2009

“Volunteers Needed for Muslim Young Offenders” Saturday December 20th 2008

“Introduction to Muslim Youth Work Course” Friday August 5th 2008

“How to increase self-esteem or self respect among children?” Tuesday August 12th 2008

“Interview Advice” Saturday July 19th 2008

“Free First Aid Training” Tuesday July 3rd 2008

“Vacancy – Volunteer Director At The Muslim Mediation Service” Sunday June 22nd 2008

“Some word on Relection” Wednesday June 11th 2008

“Caution!” Wednesday June 4th 2008

“Manchester Conference “race Culture and Psychological Prespectives” June 18th” Sunday May 25th 2008

“Ethnic clothes mental health link” Sunday May 18th 2008

“Training courses – Mediation” Sunday May 18th 2008

“Race, Culture and Psychological Perspectives” Wednesday April 9th 2008

“Comments and Questions” Wednesday March 26th 2008

“Graduate exhibition” Sunday February 23rd 2008

“Psychologist warns of ‘educational television myth'” Wednesday February 13th 2008

“Qualitative Psychology conference” Wednesday January 23rd 2008

“Become a mentor” Sunday January 13th 2008

“shift” Sunday December 16th 2007

“25 Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety” Monday 19th November 2007

“Public forum on Faith and Mental Health”  Sunday October 14th 2007

“Depression leads to worst health” Sunday October 14th 2007

 “Is Fasting beneficial for human health” Monday September 24th 2007

“Research Launch”  Saturday September 1st 2007

“Psychologists and Torture” Sunday August 26th 2007

“Islamic Religiosity Models & Scales Thematic Issue JMMH” Sunday August 5th 2007

“My Iraq Child Psychiatrist” Saturday June 30th 2007

“Psychologists – Instrumental to Torture” Tuesday June 19th 2007

“What do you make?” Saturday June 16th 2007

“How to write a cover letter” Sunday May 27th 2007

“Are you a seeker?” Monday May 14th 2007

“Mulsim Mediation” Wednesday April 25th 2007

“Absolutely Skillful” Thursday April 5th 2007

“on the verge of giving up” Tuesday 27th March 2007

“Aim High Reach High!” Monday 5th February 2007

“Golden 15” Wednesday 24th January 2007

“Treating Distress and Grief” Sunday December 21st 2006

“Can Muslims be affected by Psychological Problems?” Tuesday December 5th 2006

“Maudsley Debate” Sunday Novemebr 19th 2006

“Coming Soon” Sunday 12th November 2006

“Self Image Psychology” Tuesday October 31st 2006

“Why this blog, why now?” Tuesday October 31st 2006

“First post” Tuesday October 31st 2006