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I have the following advice for sisters who get married and may experience difficulty in keeping up with knowledge:

1. Keep your intentions pure and never give up. Your reward is with your intention. As long as you keep your intentions pure, you will receive the same Ajar if not more inshaAllah, if your circumstances end up preventing you from knowledge. So don’t be of those who say – khalas, I am married and I have a child and so knowledge is not for me any more, or of those who give up in a state of depression.

2. We live in the time of audio and recordings – Use tapes and audio as much as possible to counter the in ability to attend classes with teachers.

3. Rekindle the love for knowledge with your husband – Read a hadeeth a day and your husband a verse of the Quran and its tafsir every day before going to bed – keep the books by your bedside so you don’t forget and make it a habit so that you don’t forget.

4. Keep a particular book next to certain routine tasks that you do and make it a habit to read that book everytime you do that routine. Example: If you go out of the house to drop off the kids to school in the morning, ensure that you get out of the house 10 minutes early whilst hte car is warming up and make sure that you use this 10 minutes to read 1 page of tafsir – and keep the tafsir book in your car and put up a sign near the speedometer that says – have you read your tafsir for today? etc.. I used to do this and in this way I went through most of the Tafsir of the Quran from AshShawkani’s Tafsir – even though Tafsir was something that we didn’t give much priority to in our time in Medinah.

5. Keep a study partner – like a sister who also wants to study as bad as you – and ask her to study a part and summarize to you what she learnt whilst you study another part and summarize to her – in this way, you can gain more knowledge in less time.

InshaAllah if u do these few steps it will go a long way. The trick is to remain consistent. If you can remain consistent, then you will get there even if it takes longer.

There is something my Sheikh used to always tell me. He used to tell me:



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