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 from Sh Tawfique 


My brothers and sisters – times like this it is prudent to remind ourselves that human beings are such fragile creatures. We may build towering structures and traverse the seas and ascend the heavens to outerspace – but a single splinter in our foot can take all enjoyment away and a single grain of sand in our eyes can be enough to blind us and take all attention away! Let us remind ourselves of what Allah tells us in the Quran:

 “And mankind was indeed created weak!”

Allahulmustaan wa Alaihit-Tuklaan…


Hajj Karim Mansouri Recitation


Assalamu aaykum

Mashallah great recitation, remind you of anyone?

I thought it was quite ironic, see the setting of recitaion, and the audience… well they seem to be listening…..!?

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