Assalamu alaykum


I want to share something with you, I was just contemplating about it…


Maghrib a couple of days ago, we sat down after salah my niece jumps on me, so I say lets make dua. Lets make dua for Nana Abu (grand dad) she pauses, looks up with hopeful eyes, and in a soft, innocent voice utters I wish Nan Abu never died.


My two sisters and I didn’t expect that response, so I ask her make a dua that you want Nana Abu to have, he is in a better place now, so we can ask Allah to give him anything, what do you want Nana Abu to have?


Her voice jumps and she keenly says for all of us to be with him.


Subhanallah, what a dua, I think I underestimated her, she knew exactly what we all wanted, not only to be reunited to her Nan Abu, but also to be in Jannah with him.


What a lesson to be learn, when you ask, ask from you heart, plead and supplicate for what your heart desires, that what will benefit you in the hereafter,  use the dua as much as possible as it is the best form or worship.


Make dua for me and my family, keep the Ummah in your heart, remember us often. In this month when Allah’s mercy is bountiful, supplicate to our Lord for all those in need amongst us. Make dua from your heart make it count and make it meaningful.


Sincerely ask, Allah will surly give.


And your Lord has stated: Make du’a to Me, I will (of surety) respond to you. Verily, those who are too arrogant to worship Me will enter the Fire of Hell, humiliated

Surah Ghafir, 60


Du’a and the seeking of protection from Allah are like weapons, but the sharpness of a weapon is not sufficient for it to cause effect, for the person that handles it also plays a role. So whenever the weapon is a perfect one, having no flaws in it, and the forearm is strong, and there are no preventing factors, then it will cause an effect on the enemy…

Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah