Asalamu alaykum


This is brilliant!

What is your ultimate destination? What is emaan? How do you increase this? How can you continue your motivation, do this for yourself… INVEST in YOU!

Many of us are a bit lost in how we can develop ourselves before Ramadhan, we have all read some hadiths, read the books, the audio, and this helps.

What about using something new?
The heart wheel journal is fantastic Mashallah, it is a way to help you be more organised in developing the most important relationship you will ever have, your relationship with Allah.
It was been developed by Sh Muhammad Alshareef, and is a great tool to use to help us have that edge this Ramadhan.

I have had a diary or journal for some time on and off, but this is ‘so cool’!

Listen to the audio and cheak it out.