You know what I just relised, im not over it yet, I know it’s a bit late, called it delayed reaction, call it whatever you want, but I miss abu so much….


I really need to speak to him about stuff especially my life. I always would ask him what I should do, even if he didn’t give me an answer he would just tell me a story about his childhood, even though it may not have made sense but I know he was teaching me morals, he was telling me indirectly, see I found a way out, I found out what to do… so can you.


It’s late, I am supposed to be doing my coursework, but I cant… I’m numb, I cant focus, I cant see beyond his room,  his things, this computer that he built for me, the table I am resting on that he bought, the chair I sit on, he once sat.


I think I need to go and pray Isha’ now, I need to find solace with Allah…