assalamu alaykum

So I had to delete some text messages from my phone (not enough storage space), so was deleting some of the messages sent by my beloved sisters at the time of my father’s passing….

When reading those words, they truly touched my heart, and yes the tears are gushing. These tears aren’t just for my lose, but for the sisters that I have around me. So much love and beautiful unity, my sisters are apart of me and I hope I am apart of them. I would read these texts for comfort and motivation… I pray I will be able to our friendship and sisterhood justice, that Allah increases this love and mercy between us, and raises us up as righteous companions on the Day of Judgement. Ameen.

Here are some of the messages:

From NA

Goodnight my beloved sis. May Allah protect you and you family and guide and help ease you through this time. Ameen. Every time I look up and see the starts I think of uncle 🙂 because you know why? The first time I met him he showered me with his beautiful knowledge of stars and constellations. The beauty of the stars was just like his heart… My Allah allow his soul to emanate and shine bright in his grave of rest and on the last day of rising just like how the brightness of the stars shines down on earth, Ameen ya Rabb!XxX

From FA

Salam, how is everyone? You, family? and your brother? how is he coping? Inshallah he will manage it, he seemed mature, time is a great healer, over time, him and everyone will come to term with unsubtitutable loss and the reality of life, he was a good person and Inshallah left good children behind, keep on doing good work and he will keep receiving rewards Inshallah. Ws

From ZH

Salaam. How are you? I know the house must feel empty without Abu but he is in a best place without pain. His soul must be so at peace. Alhmaudlilah. My words cannot comfort you but may Allah heal your pain and of your family. Ameen

From ZH

“Indeed, Allah is with the patient”…So be patient; indeed, the (best) outcome is for the righteous.”…For indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of  those who do good” and will reward them for what they patiently endured with a garden in Paradise and silk garments”. Your always in my duas. And in Allah ta’ala we relied X