Assalamu alaykum


Recent times, with my father passing, I have had time to contamplate my life more. I feel i am in need of re evaluation….

The recent Al Kauthar course –  Chronicals of the Shariah has really inspired me further.

When the ISlamic state was great, when Muslims were strong, when people had passion and zeal, there used to be a time when Female scholarship was somthing that many Muslim Women throughout the world would do. It sadens me to think that allot of the issues we face today is in need of the womens touch… a woman’s prespective is needed, however these needs are obviously not fulfilled.

From some of my observations and experiences, women seem like they have taken a back seat when it comes to excelling in the scholarly fields of Islamic knowledge. The thrist for knowledge is there and this is more aparent when you go to Islamic courses where usually more then half of the atendees are women. It seems there comes a point where women have given up seeking that knowledge due to many reasons, ones that come to mind, and which I have seen most comonly is geting married and having children. Although highly encouraged, this seems to be the end of many sister’s zeal to attain more scolarly knowlegde and go beyond the norm and reach for those stars. Could this be due to support that they recvieve? Cultural expectations? lack of motivation? Or do we run out of energy and drive?

I for one have definatly been inspired and already discussed some of my future plans with my mother. I really do feel extremly disheratened that we do not have an Aisha radiatallahanhu of our times….

As one of the sisters suggested, putting these conditions in the marriage contract is something we should all be thinking about…. Sh Tawfeeq already gave us the idea in The Real Deal 101…. that was very ammusing, he remarked how sisters dont know that we can put anything in there, and he said something along the lines that it was good that we did not know… but oh well he let the cat out of the bag, and we all know how far we can go with our conditions!.

With any deed we do, our sincerity and willingness will be tested, especially if we are doing major things not just for ourselves but also khair for the ummah. We are tested and shaytan tries to deter us. I am finding this even more so now, now that I am trying to strive harder than I have ever before. recent events have made me re evaluate my life. Sh Tawfeeqs comments at the course came at the right time for me.

Do we think that Allah has put us on this Earth, without purpose…? My re evaluation is about finding out what this purpose is, and where I fit into the ummah, as someone who will bring as much khair as I am destined and able to do. By the will and grace of Allah.

I sincerly pray that Allah guides us all to the goodness and become the great leaders of this ummah. Ameen