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When Eid salah was enjoined upon the Muslims at the time of our Beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon him), the entire community would gather together in the court yard and pray as one body, bowing and prostrating to Allah Subhanahu wata’ala, united in their worship. Their submission to Allah Azza wajjaal, re-affirmed as they came together to celebrate the Mercy and Blessings bestowed upon them by their Lord. Today, alhamdu lillah, we have thousands of Muslims all over London praying Eid Salah in their local masjid, but how beautiful would it be if we were to all gather together in one place, and pray to Allah Jalla wa’ala as one body, the way the companions prayed with the Prophet (may Allah give him blessings and grant him peace)?

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Assalamu alaykum

The following is a project run by a sister I know, Mashallah she has been doing this for some time and the project is growing every year. Do your bit, spread the word and donate whatever you can.


Once again we will be collecting essential items for a Ramadhan pack as well as on going items desperately needed by Muslim inmates at Pentonville, Brixton and Belmarsh prisons. Items that we are looking for in the snack packs include: dry foods such as dates and peanuts, chewy bars, lots of water bottles, carton juices, sweets, biscuits,
etc. The items which are ongoing and which we have been collecting throughout the year are: Quraans in Arabic and other languages, ‘Fortress of a Muslim’ du’a books, miswaak, alarm clocks, prayer mats, itar, caps, audio recitation, materials on learning how to pray, etc.

If you can help with organising collecting, donating, co-ordinating any of the above items, or even helping to prepare around 100-300 Ramadhan gift packs, please do get in contact us: E-mail: nosheena_jj@
Tel: 07984 433 288

Assalamu alaykum

Hope Inshalalh everyone is well and benefiting this Ramadan, the best way possible.

I know a bit late but anyhow!

 Heres a great way to organise yourselves this Ramadan.

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