As-salamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah

The JIMAS Youth Programme is a unique 2 day programme held every year, on-site, in parallel with the JIMAS conference, for children of conference attendees, aged between 8 and 13 years.

The aims of the Youth Programme are to nurture iman and identity and to foster good actions that benefit self, family, neighbours, Ummah and society. The YP mirrors the conference theme each year seeking to bring home some of the conference themes to our children through a child-friendly approach.

This is vital & intense work and is abounding-ly rewarding, in this life and the next, bi-Idhn wa bi-Rahm-Illah (by the Permission and Mercy of Allah).

The theme of the conference this year is our (Allah-given) responsibilities towards the environment: Healing the Fragile Earth:
Fulfiling our Heavenly Trust. The Youth Programme will broadly aim to teach and embed aspects of good practise in this area through an engaging, reflective, play-based and fun manner, insha’Allah, bi-idhn wa bi-nasr Illah.

We are in need of responsible adults Muslims, aged 20+, to help with this work. Each will lead a group of girls or boys through the activites planned. Ideally these should be qualified teachers, or have youth work experience or other such velevant experience.

If you or anyone you know:

-loves Allah and His Messenger,
-is passionate about developing and inspiring children,
-is a responsible, self-aware and motivating role model for children,
-has lots of energy, enthusiasm and flexibility,
-has previous experience working with groups of approx. 20 children,
-is available from Friday 24th August to Sunday 26th August (6pm),

then please don’t wait but immediately send your CV and details of 3 character and work-based referees and a copy of a recent CRB check (if you have one) to:


Volunteers are only on duty between the hours of 8.45am to approx 6pm on Sat & Sun of the conference and attend a 1-2 hr induction on Friday afternoon. The rest of the time they have to themselves to listen to the conference lectures etc.

I  urge you to join our team seeking the Pleasure of Allah and look forward to hearing from you.

Was-salamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah

Youth Programme Coordinator