Assalamu alaykum

I’ve been meaning to write something about my al kauthar experiences, I havent had a chance to give it the attention it desearves since my last blog.

I just had to let you know how much one part of it has chnaged me, meeting so many sisters on the same path as I. We all, at least once in our lives feel like we are alone, walking, struggling on the path in solitude. Of course we forget that Allah is near, as He says “We are closer to you then your jugular vein” (that just sends shivers down my spine!). But meeting so many sisters how like me, like us have a desire and a yearning to meet Allah with the best of deeds and with the marks of the strugles that this life has thrown at us.

Like I said to the sisters on the forum, this I say to you all…

Subhanallah, while I was just reading all of the sisters introducing themselves on the forum I had tears in my eyes.

Allah has spread us so far and wide, from different colours, in different skin and from different places in the world. Yet He has given me the privilage of getting to know such wounderful sisters.

I sincerely hope we all meet up on our final reunion, waiting for eachother on the day of Judgment when we will all have smiles on our faces, our hearts full of love and our scales heavy with good deeds.

I want to meet all of you so much, Inshallah by the grace and mercy of Allah He will allow us meet under His great shade of Yumul Qiyama

Masalama my dearest sisters from across this wounderous planet we all call home, but just for a while. Hope to meet you all in our real everlasting home, our akhirah


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