assalamu alaykum

This is sooo jam packed I havent finished reading the first issue.

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“Assalamu alaikum
First of all, congratulations to you all for an amazing achievement for the ummah! Sisters are increasingly side-lined by society and, dare i say it, the ‘trendy ummah’ for holding a strong alliance with Allah and the Rasool, May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him, so it’s great seeing them put in their respectful place; individuals to be honoured, appreciated, valued and loved.
Mashallah, i am truly happy to see such commitment and dedication towards building a stronger sisterhood. “
A sister from the UK

“As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,Alhamdulillahir Rabbil ‘Alimeen. This magazine is most excellent. I was looking forward to it, and was not disapointed in the least. Everyone has put such thought and creativity in each and every section. I look forward to benefiting from this special endeavor. May Allah, Subhannahu wa ta’ala, grant abundant success to “Sisters Magazine”. Ameen. “
A sister from New York

“As salaamu alaikum
I just browsed through the magazine and without reading much more than the blurbs and titles of articles, I have to say masha Allah – what a tranquil magazine…I really love the look…it is classy, feminine, minimilastic, not overly floral…it is so peaceful masha Allah.
I find that the content is really holistic as well with wide range of subjects covered.
Is there way at all we can have a print edition?
Please pass my heartfelt congrats on to all the sisters for their hard work and dedication – I’m so inspired.”
A sister in South Africa