assalamu alaykum

sorry for the lack of movment on the blog, been suprisingly busy. Had much needed family time a really good time Mashallah!

we had a nice family BBQ! with a BBQ cake… thats right the famous family chocolate cake! This time was named by Ahmad the “The Barbeque Cake!”

I am trying to get the pic up, but my comp is a bit mashed so its not working, ill put it up Inshallah when I can!.. in the meantime… drool on the thought of chocolate ala bintyaqub 😉

We had a great time with the children during the holidays, we painted, went all art attacky, played karanboard, cooked, messed up, ran, played tennis, went to the funfair, ate lots of suger, went a bit high, generally creating havac! (something some may say I do best! 🙂 )

Other then that, keep us in your duaa’s, myself and my family need it.