Assalamu alaykum

 A text I recieved from a sister… brought back memories of how close we used to be:

The greatness of Sisterhood in Islam is such that what one desire for themselves they wish upon their sister. Their honour is one, their zeal is one, and their aim is one. May you and I be granted place close to one another in the gardens beneath which rivers flow as Allah says that is the supreme success! I think of you continuously may Allah enable me to be close to you for eternity.

How I miss the sisterhood we felt so strong, while it lasted it was like ecstasy filling our heart and soul with pure bliss. Contentment with every breath, knowing the company who I had so much comfort in will also be there for me in heart and spirit.

The smallest gesture can open a window of hope. A sister is always in need of a cheer up; give them a cheer up call.

Pick up the phone, call up someone who you havent spoken to in a while, see the difference in your relationship. Keep the ties of kinship and the ties of love, of sisterhood. You never know when you may need a quick cheer up call. 😉