Assalamu alaykaum

I came across this poem that Shiekh ibn al Qayyim rahiamullah wrote about how he first felt when he met Ibn Taymiyyah rahiamullah for the first time a moment that would change his life forever….

he said:

His hand took my hand and we journeyed without pause,
till he showed me the place where the sun of faith rises
and i saw the banner of the city, and ’round about it
the descebt of Guidance and the forces of Quran
and i saw a sign of wonderous import
yet veiled from a blind throng
and i was given drink from a crystal glass
water that glistened like the jewels of a crown
and i saw cups as numerous as the stars
to quench the thirst of the thirsting
and i saw round the pure springs of Kawthar
whose waters ever gush, two scales
the scale of the sunnah and the scale of God’s word
which enternity will not rust nor tarnish

Subhnallah a great eloqently described meeting of one so dear to his heart, may Allah be pleased with them both. Rarly do we find such tranquility and peace meetimng with great people.

I must admit I have only had the privilage of such meetings but a few times. Of these Allah found in his wisdom to make our paths cross no more, of others He allowed us to gather in His rememberence only for time to drift us apart once again.

I see it in students of knowledge so much, that Allah blesses me with their presence, only for my heart to be deprived of their company again until Allah sees me worthy of the knowledge once more.

We find oursleves inclined to certain people, students of knowledge not because of the individual per say, but because of the way they make our hearts feel. This is why we owe so much to Shiekhs and students of knowledge, even if it be one hadith that they expalined us, we are ever in debted to such knowledge. Knowledge of Allah can never be valued, thus we cease to be in debt to them.

Allah have mercy upon them all and increase them all in knowledge and wisdom. Ameen

We are all on a path to knowledge at any given moment finding any oppotunity to increase ourselves in ilm and hikma, indeed if someone takes steps towards Allah, Allah will make it easier for him. My ultimate aim is to study under great scholars of our ummah, Inshallah I pray that day will come soon, with companion(s) with whom I can prepare provisions and share this journey.

May Allah make ua all upon the rightly guided way, on the path of wisdom and help us all in our never ending quest for knowledge. Ameen

Reach for the stars! Aim for Firdous!

Keep me in your duas