A tribute to my sisters whom I have left without word

You are remembered always within my slefish time with my Lord.

This sisterhood of ours is a blessing straight out of Jannah

With times I could have not lived without ya!

As the Sahabas brotherhood stregthened

with trails spent together their spirits never dampened.

we go through unique exprience you and I hababti,

This love just goes stronger loving you with all my heart so deeply.

 Your shoulder has seen my tears,

Your eyes has shed the same tears,

Your feets have tred the same path

Along we walk togeteher on our Lord’s path

Togetether we were and together we will strive

For the good and bad as long as we are alive

To serve as One Ummah,

To be as sisters should

through trials and tribulations we will hold our heads up high

walking together hand in hand… You and I